Northern School of Business Senior High – Maiden Home Coming Summit Brief


The involvement of old students in supporting and providing contributions voluntarily to their Alma Mata is important for maintaining and expanding an institution’s development. By establishing channels that can facilitate closer ties between the old students, students and the institution can provide crucial benefits in enriching the student’s experience while being at the institution. Every old student has experienced being a student to becoming a unique and different graduate, hence there is potential for all old students to contribute to their Alma Mata in different ways.

The main purpose for this home coming summit is to concretize the reunification of old students of Northern School of Business Senior High and strengthen our support to the school.

Over the past few years, we as old students have been able to support our Alma Mata in the following ways:

  • Supplied textbooks across the various subjects costing about ten thousand Ghana Cedis (10,000.00 Ghc).
  • Met with staff and management of the school to address issues relating to teaching and learning.
  • Construction of a Home Economic Block now at the level of decking and so far costing about seventy-eight thousand Ghana Cedis (78,000.00).
  • Thanks to our members again, the Association again donated three thousand Ghana Cedis to the School to support to participate in the 2021 Science and Maths Quiz Competition in Kumasi.
  • Apart from the collective support by members, individual members including Dr. Martin Danaah, Dr. Sulemana Iddrisu, Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Aziz (BOG), Mr. Frank Mante and others have supported the school in diverse ways.
  1. Key takeaways for old students
    1. Attachment: Old students should commit and continue to attach themselves to the school and get involved in the activities of the school.
    1. Patronizing the NOSA Website.
    1. As old students, we are capable of coming out with an endowment fund to provide scholarship for poor but brilliant students to facilitate quality education in the school.
    1. Let’s come out with strategies that can bring about strong collaborate with the School PTA to ensure infrastructure development in the school?
    1. Provision of expertise: E.g. Guidance and Counselling sessions for students by old students.
  2. NOBISCO, a pure business school is now a hybrid school offering Science, Business and General Arts. This has made it more versatile and meets the demands of both the academic and business world.
    1. We can at the moment boost of the high number of products of NOBISCO in the Controller and Accountant General Department and most financial institutions in Ghana.


Old students’ role is crucial for the development of their Alma Mata. All old students can provide support in various aspects that are beneficial to the school. NOSA is an asset to the NOBISCO, and its contributions and involvement can significantly increase the reputation of the NOBISCO nationally and internationally. 



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