Estimates for the continuation of the Home Economics Project

The following is a detailed estimates of what is needed to continue working on our project for our beloved NOBISCO.

The estimate for materials required for the decking to be done.

  1. 170 pcs of 16mm requested out of which 117 was bought.
  2. 500 pcs of 12mm was requested out of which 125 pcs acquired.
  3. Wawa board or concord 200 pcs requested.
  4. Supporting wood 2 × 6: 100pcs requested
  5. Cement 250 bags requested out of which 50 bags in stock
  6. Workmanship for steel bender five thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc5000.00) requested by the steel bender and carpenter.
  7. Workmanship for Mason
    Eight Thousand Ghana (Ghc8000.00) cedis requested by the mason.
  8. Plumber not yet provides estimates.
  9. Electricals not yet provides estimates.

For more information 0244222210 A.karim Muhammed

1 thought on “Estimates for the continuation of the Home Economics Project”

  1. Hussein Sualihu

    Let’s update the information on our website especially with the increasing number of members of staff.
    New Dagbani has been introduced into the languages department last academic year and this year elective ICT will be introduced.
    New members of staff have also been recruited whiles some have gone on retirement.

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